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Houston, TX


Data Design Co_ Product #01 Launch: A Study in Sprawl

Brian Barr

Data Design Co_ is proud to release our first product, a set of coasters that displays the growth of urban sprawl over time. Each coaster set tracks the history of a major city in the United States from their birth to the present day. The first set traces Chicago and Houston from their near similar founding dates of 1833 and 1836 respectively.


Individual coasters provide a snapshot in time of the city for a specific year: its outlines, population, and square miles of real estate. All of this data is laser etched onto each plexiglass coaster.

These plexiglass coasters can be used traditionally to hold your drink. Each coaster serves as a physical almanac that you can use as a conversation starter.

These coasters live in a stand that orients them vertically. When held up to the eye the concentric city outlines allow the viewer to look through time and see the expansion of the city. The stand is also laser cut and assembles via snap fitting.

The launch of our first product gives us an opportunity to provide some background on our product launches.

We plan to launch products on a roughly monthly schedule in limited editions. Limited editions means limited quantities, once they are gone, they might not come back.

Our next product release, in September, will be coaster sets for LA and NYC.