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Houston, TX


Product No. 2: The Trench Mail Sorter

Matthew Wettergreen

Data Design Co_ is proud to announce the release of several new products in the coming weeks. In the final stages of the prototyping process, we feel these products are ready for the public eye and we couldn't be happier to share them with you. Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting what we have learned through the production of these products, and in the meantime we will be taking preorders as the products are being manufactured. Preordering now will give you 10% off the cost of the item, and it will ensure that you are the first ones to receive the product.

The first of our new products is Product #2: the Trench Mail Sorter. Featuring a cross-sectional cut of four of the world's most popular trenches at their deepest point, Product #2 is designed for the ocean lover in all of us.


The Trench Mail Sorter is laser cut from a sheet of 304 stainless steel right here in Houston, Texas before being bent into form. The piece sits alone on a table or desk and allows you to place your mail in scaled profiles of the Marianas, Tonga, Puerto Rico, and Cayman trenches. With a footprint of just 6" by 4.5", this mail sorter packs a high utility to size ratio.

This particular prototype is made from aluminum, but we are switching to stainless steel to provide a more durable, scratch-resistant surface. The finished version will also include rounded corners to avoid scratching furniture, and most importantly will include the names and depths of the trench etched into the face of the mail sorter.

Preorder this today for 10% off the cost of the item!