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Houston, TX



Brian Barr

This past weekend, Data Design Co_ was lucky enough to be able to visit New York City for the 2016 NYCxDesign conference. While we weren't presenting any of our work, the conference was a great opportunity to talk with many talented designers and view works that certainly will inspire us for months to come. There was an incredible variety of work, but here are a few of our favorites.

The David Trubridge Lighting Collection


David Trubridge is a designer from Australia known for his flat packed lighting systems. Made from sustainably grown bamboo, his light fixtures are created by snapping the tessellated pieces together into forms that mimic patterns found in nature.

A Few Good Things

A Few Good Things was an exhibition of new designers from Norway. A country known for it's sleek, minimalist forms, these objects did not disappoint. Our favorites were the Mushi lamps from Andreas Bergsaker (seen above) and the Bølgen trivet from noidoi.


Slice is a lighting fixture from Form & Forest that uses CNC cut leather pieces to create a shade around a light source. The size and placement of the cuts create interesting forms as the leather unfurls under it's own weight. We unfortunately didn't grab a picture of this object, but we are looking to follow along as Form & Forest releases the product line this summer.